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Why I Avoid Salespeople at All Costs

Written By Jeff Tilden on Friday, January 31, 2014 | 1:59 PM

Salespeople drive me bonkers.  I don't dislike them personally, but I do everything it takes to avoid interaction with them. 
Telemarketers:  I just hang up the phone. (Only once did I do the "Jerry Seinfeld" move where I asked them if I could have their home phone number and call them back later)
Department Store Salesmen:  I pretend I'm texting or talking on the phone.
Those Dudes at the Booths in the Middle of the Mall:  I don't make eye contact with them and I make a b-line to get past them as fast as possible.
Car Salesmen:  I'd rather shop online, and I once changed my phone number just because one kept calling me.  (I'm not joking)
Door to Door Salesmen:  I just yell from the other side of the door, "I'm in the bathroom!!'
In other words, I avoid dealing with Salespeople.  Now, I know salesmen have a job to do and my attitude may be unfair.  However, I also know that many times they don't want to be doing what they are doing any more than I want to listen to what they are doing.
At our local gas stations, we have these glass repair salesmen that wait outside the gas pumps.  When you stop to fill up your vehicle, they come over and immediately start asking to check your windshield for cracks and trying to sign you up for more information on their service.  It drives me nuts!  Its entrapment!
I've gotten to the point where if I see those guys at a gas station, I will drive another mile down the road to another station just to avoid them.  Last week, it was 20 degrees outside.  Those guys were outside trying to push their glass repair expertise.  Needless to say, they didn't look happy.  Neither did the people they were talking to, keeping them from sitting in their warm cars while the gas pumped.
The best salespeople I've encountered are the ones who are truly passionate about what they're selling.  As a matter of fact, most times they aren't actual salespeople.  They are just people pushing a product, restaurant, movie, etc. because they genuinely love(d) it.  They're witnesses to greatness.
God did a number on my heart a few years ago about the way I evangelize.  For many years, it was about developing the right formula.  I even took classes in the church on various methods and strategies of sharing my faith.  I'm not downing those or even downing going door to door.  However, I couldn't help but think that I was just another passionless salesman bugging people who were trying to find ways to avoid me. 
Now, I know some people like salesmen.  Some people love listening to potential good deals.  Some people just get too easily sucked in.  You could probably sell them a ketchup popsiscle while they're wearing a white suit or wedding dress. 
No matter what your feelings are about salespeople, at least agree that life transformation through Jesus Christ is more than a spiel, formula, or sales pitch.  Its life, love, and hope.  Its the most beautiful thing in this universe.  Let that be your guiding factor in evangelism.  I believe real evangelism comes natural.  If Jesus has changed your life and you're constantly walking in that truth and hope, you're going to naturally share it with those you come across regardless of the potential consequences.
Its hard for people to avoid passion or even walk past it without at least stopping and listening.  To me, that's where its at.  Don't worry about excuses not to evangelize or strategies.  If you're passionate, you're going to talk about it.  You won't be able to contain it!


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