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Give Bieber a Break Already!

Written By Jeff Tilden on Thursday, February 6, 2014 | 11:03 AM

Justin Bieber is a man’s man.  It behooves you to agree and not say otherwise.  I mean, he’ll be 20 years old next month.  You know how much a 20 year old has experienced in life?  A lot!  Especially if your name is Justin Drew Bieber.  The guy grew up on the streets in Ontario, Canada.  He had to endure the pressures of socialism, free health care, and constantly being aware of the potential moose dangers when he pedaled his bicycle and played his guitar on street corners.
The list of obstacles this man has had to overcome may help you realize why he is doing the things he is doing now.  And hopefully, when you ponder these things over, you’ll understand and appreciate the way he lives his life.
First of all, he finished 2nd in a local singing competition in 2007.  It must have been devastating.  I can’t believe there are even competitions out there that actually rank and place you.  Everyone should get a ribbon.  Everyone is a winner.  How Justin dealt with that blow is beyond me?  I would have stopped right there.
Secondly, when Justin was discovered on Youtube, it was by a Jewish marketing executive.  His mom prayed heartily that a Christian label would pick Justin up.  He had to boldly set aside his Christian convictions to follow some Jewish dude.
By the time Justin was in his awkward adolescent and middle school teenage days, he was a star.  You might think that this is what every young boy dreams about.  I say not.  While other middle school boys were going through the normal grind of being picked on, rejected by girls, dealing with odd changes, and popping their ear zits with number 2 pencils, Justin was having to fight off mobs of girls who wanted him.  He was on radio, television, and the big screen.  He had money, celebrity friends, and any young hottie on Disney at his disposal.  This is a lot of pressure for a young man.  There were difficult moments during these years like not being able to tweet his fans on the airplane because airplane WIFI wasn’t invented yet, and having to borrow a swimsuit from Usher’s cousin at a backyard BBQ because his bags got sent to Charlotte instead of Atlanta.  These are the moments that scar someone.
Now Bieber is finding himself under all sorts of scrutiny.  He was arrested last month for joyriding in a Lamborghini on the streets of Miami Beach.  I mean, the guy was in a Lamborghini!  What is he supposed to do? 10 and 2, check his mirrors, buckle his seat belt, and drive the speed limit?  You’ve got to be kidding me!  It makes more sense to get drunk, smoke some good weed, and get yourself hopped up on Xanax before you get behind the wheel of such a fine automobile.  However, the cops didn’t see it that way.  They had the nerve to arrest him for driving under the influence.
I can only imagine what he went through.  He had to spend a few hours in jail with criminals and degenerates.  That’s no place for a good Christian boy who is anti-abortion, pro-gay, anti-American, and practices Jewish rituals before every performance.  [I got all that from his Wikipedia page ;)]
To top it all off, he was arrested again a week later for assaulting his limo driver.  Give the guy a break.  The limo driver wouldn’t stop off to meet Justin’s coke dealer in a dark Toronto alley.  Justin had to man up and show the guy his assertiveness.
On top of all of this, people are coming out of the woodworks to criticize Justin Bieber.  His neighbors and multiple countries have accused him of vandalism, drug use, and reckless driving.
Keyshawn Johnson, who used to be Justin’s boy, is no longer his boy, because supposedly Justin threw eggs at Keyshawn’s house.
People world-wide are accusing Justin of being a spoiled little brat, a baby, and not a man.
Over 100,000 people signed a petition that went before the White House saying that Justin be deported back to Canada. 
I mean, how stupid is this?!
Can’t someone criticize America and still benefit from all its spoils?  That’s what this country was founded on, right?  Free speech and Apple Pie?
It just happens to be that now that Apple Pie is strippers and chronic.  What’s the big deal?
Now, I’m finding out that Justin’s airplane pilots are complaining about having to where oxygen masks while flying he and his crew around, because there is so much marijuana being smoked on board.  This is completely outrageous!  Justin’s dad was on board smokin’ a couple of doobs with his son, and a few selfish jerks have to complain about this beautiful father-son bonding time.  After all, Justin was raised by his mom.  He and his dad have some catching up to do!
BTW, if you think I truly believe anything that I wrote above then its time to intervene on your delusion.  In all seriousness, in my human flesh, I want to dislike this kid, Justin Bieber.  Everything he does points comes across immature, arrogant, and just plain d-baggish.
However, I can’t help but be burdened for him and others who all get overwhelmed by what I believe to be an enormous spiritual issue and battle.  Truthfully, this kid has never learned to be a man.  Legally, he may qualify, but spiritually and in the eyes of the creator, he is far from it.  He honestly doesn’t have a father who teaches him how to be man.
I started off this post with my little satirical bit to make a point.  Delusion comes in all shape and forms.  There are many young celebrities who fall under the same spiritual battle and delusion.  There are fans of such celebrities (Beliebers…cough, cough) that fall under the same delusion and horrific influence.  They are literally saying and believing the things I wrote above.
Just this week, we heard of the tragic news of Phillip Seymour-Hoffman.  He was just 46.  No, he was not a hero.  He was a heroin addict, who had succumb so much to the drug that he gave his life over to it, neglecting his children and family. 
We’ve all seen the little sweet celebrity kids that turn into faces of meth posters.  Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes are just a few recent examples.
We’ve seen celebs die too young because of substance use and abuse…
Chris Farley (one of my favorites)
Amy Winehouse
Cory Monteith
Heath Ledger
Kurt Cobain
This list can go on….
The stories are tragic and the delusion is real.
As an outsider looking in (I’m not a celebrity), it appears that young fame is one of the easiest traps of the enemy.  Money and fame consume people fast. 
Without hope in Christ and knowledge that life is about God’s glory and not our own, the pursuit of self-glorification is an endless sprint that no one ever feels satisfaction in.

That sprint, I can only imagine, is exhausting spiritually and mentally.  The easiest fix is to mask the exhaustion and anxiety with sex, drugs, and alcohol.  Unfortunately, the deeper one gets into those things, the more they must consume until eventually those things completely consume them.
By that time, the enemy has won, because death is his ultimate goal.  He longs to destroy lives!  He longs for our suffering.
That breaks my heart for anyone, not just celebrities, who are headed down that path or deep in the midst of it.  It burdens me to look at pictures of people who have been arrested, even if I don’t know them.  I can see the hurt, addiction, and emptiness in their faces.
I see all those things in Justin Bieber’s face.  His is just another in a long line of those faces.  Its easy to say, he’s had a cake life.  He’s spoiled.  He is getting what he deserves.  Maybe.  However, I think God’s heart breaks.  God sees his pain, whether we feel its warranted or not, its pain.  As I abide in Christ, He commands me to abide in His love.  Part of abiding in His love is hurting for those who need Jesus.
Praise Jesus for the hope that is found in Him!  Praise God for the light that frees us from the darkness!  Praise God for those that are rescued from the darkness!  My hope is that young men and women like Bieber find purpose, hope, and peace in God….and nothing else!  Only then, will they become the real men and women that God designed us to be.   Only then, will they begin to truly live.


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