Proof I'm Not a Germaphobe

The following list has been compiled of reasons why I am not a gemaphobe.  Please submit yours if you are a proud germ lover!

1. I firmly believe in the '3 Second Rule'
2. I touch the escalator hand rail
3. I take my phone in the bathroom
4. I'm not afraid of sick people
5. I can wear the same pair of pants 3 times without washing them
6. I trim my bangs with kitchen scissors
7. I will eat food that falls on the table at a restaurant
8. I will use a porta potty if need be
9. I will sometimes walk barefoot to go to the ice machine down the hall in a hotel
10. I will eat a piece of fruit without washing it
11. I bite my fingernails
12. I'd try the chocolate fountain at Golden Corral.
13. I will push a shopping cart around without wiping it down with alcohol wipes first.
 14. I will pet my dog while eating food.
15. I use my fingers to pick excess food out of my teeth, and at times, will eat it.
 16. I'm not completely grossed out if I accidentally use my wife's toothbrush (although, she is)

To read more about my explanation of these, check out my germaphobe posts:

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